Personalized Meal Planning

Life can be stressful enough even without the added burden of worrying about what, how much, when, and where you are going to be eating throughout the week. Without a plan, you may begin looking for options long after hunger strikes, causing you to overeat, eat too quickly, or choose calorie-dense foods such as fast food. Planning healthy meals ahead of time will set you up for success and reduce the stress associated with mealtime.

Work with our dietitians to develop a meal plan that is right for you, family and your specific health needs.

Customized meal plans are available for:
  • Someone who doesn't know where to start and wants a guide to follow.
  • Someone who has a food allergy or intolerance that is making it difficult to figure out what to eat.
  • Someone who has a specific medical condition that needs to get under control through diet (gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, low fat, cholesterol reducing, diabetic diet etc).
  • Someone who is super busy and would like a meal plan with grocery list to make life easier
  • Someone who want to loss or gain weight
  • Someone who want to Build muscle
Meal plans make it easier to shop, prepare and enjoy each day’s meals while achieving your health goals

What to Expect

There is no one diet or meal plan that works for everyone

We will design a four week customized meal plan tailored to your individual preferences, lifestyle, health goals. Your meal plan will include recipes, portion sizes, shopping list and well balanced meals and snacks options. You will also have the option to meet with a Registered Dietitian while building your meal plan. Together you will identify strategies for meal prep that will nourish your body without all the stress.