Nutrition Counseling

At Eathealth Nutrition, our registered dietitian will work with you on a customized plan that helps you develop healthy eating habits and ultimately achieve your nutrition goals. We do not have a one size fits all approach and will work with you to achieve a healthy diet, no matter what way of eating works best for you. We are committed in giving you the support, tools and skills to continue in the long term. In a generation where nutritional information is abundant, misinformation and lack of guidance will steer you in the wrong direction.

Areas Specialty


Initial Visit: Your first appointment is much more than an educational session with a registered dietitian. Together we’ll review your current diet and medical history and develop a personalized plan of action to immediately address your health concerns.

Follow-up Visits: Follow-up visits will help you develop the skills and resources to build a sustainable food plan that is based on your preferences and lifestyle. We will provide ongoing support, education and guidance to assist you overcome challenges whiles achieving your goals.

What to expect Consultations are strictly by Appointment Only.

Appointments are available in-person or Virtual (Skype/Phone) for follow-up sessions
Can’t make it to our office due to busy schedules, disability or illness or for convenience? We will come to you: workplace, home, restaurant, gym or grocery store. Additional charges will be made for travel.
Referrals are also accepted from consultants, GPs, dietitians, nurses, physiotherapists and other health professionals. Referrals letters are not necessary for you to make appointment, however for certain situations they may be helpful for us to understand more about your conditions or needs.


Distinctive Services.

Family Nutrition

We believe the family is the center of any individual's success when it comes to healthy eating. Our registered dietitians work with families who are interested in improving overall health, body composition, preventing diseases, having weekly meal plans designed for your busy family, or have a special medical needs. This can be done on an individual basis, as a couple or as a family group all having their own individual goals.

Meal Planning

One of the key components to improving health is the way we eat. Planning your meals ahead of time help you reduce stress, save time and cost and optimize health. As Registered Dietitians, we will work with you to put together a personalized meal plan that takes into account your lifestyle and food preferences achieve your personal goals. Find out more about meal planning packages

Grocery Store Tours

We will guide you through the aisles of the grocery store to help make sense of confusing marketing messages. Grocery store tours can also stand alone as a starting point for what to look for when you are shopping for food–how to read labels, shop in season or navigate the bulk foods section.

Girlfriend Group

One of our unique services is offering fun, casual, customized workshops to small groups (5-6 people) of friends. If you and your friends share the same questions and challenges about nutrition, weight loss and wellness, or want a healthy eating plan, contact us to schedule a "girlfriend group." These customized groups can include anything from group Q&A to a cooking demo or a class on a specialized topic, such as healthy eating, or PMS.

Pre/Post Natal Nutrition

Are you struggling to get pregnant? Or its almost baby time? Let us help create a healthy nutrition plan for healthy baby and mommy. Post pregnancy nutrition services also available.

Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT)

Medical Nutrition Therapy is a therapeutic approach to treating medical conditions and their associated symptoms by providing specific nutrition interventions that are provided by a Registered Dietitian (RD). MNT reduces the risk of developing complications in pre-existing conditions as well as improve the effects of any existing conditions. Many medical conditions either develop or are made worse by an improper or unhealthy diet.


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Your health is an investment, not an expense.