A Better Approach to Long-Lasting Weight Loss

This expert-lead group program provides the tools, knowledge, support and strategies to incorporate appropriate lifestyle changes, keep you motivated, and address the obstacles and pitfalls that make losing weight, and keeping it off, a challenge in a fun, flexible and supportive atmosphere. Everyone’s body works differently so participants are empowered to design their own sustainable plan that works to transform the way they look and feel inside-out.
Program is built on the pillars of health, focusing not only on nutrition and exercise but wellness as a whole.


Customized to your Goals, Address your Challenges

  • You’ve tried “everything” and nothing has worked for you.
  • In desperation, you’ve tried out the fad diets - bouncing from diet to diet with no sustainable results, gimmick to gimmick that promises huge loss in a week, only to be left more discouraged, more restrictive, and more craving.
  • You want to finally get the weight off for good, feel confident in your clothing and feeling like your best.
  • You’re ready to stop the vicious cycle of over-restriction and starvation and know that you’re choosing the best foods for your body!.
  • You’re a busy professional who needs an easy program to follow in and out of the office.
  • Increase energy level and improve well-being
  • You are not alone

What to Expect

Empowerment, Support & Results,
Expert-lead: Registered Dietitians, Physiotherapist and exercise therapist, pschologist.
Expect No “magic” pills, supplements, quick-fix solutions

Everyone’s body works differently. The program is focused on empowerment and is customized to your Goals

Our focus is to equip you with the necessary tools, knowledge, and support to create a sustainable behavioural and lifestyle change which results in your desired body shape, confidence, improved relationship with food & increased performance.

Because weight loss is unique to each person, this program focuses on helping individuals identify ways to make small, modest changes to their behavior within the context of their own life and in support of their weight loss goals.

We help you define what success looks like.

What’s Included:

  • 12 Weeks of Nutrition & Lifestyle Content
  • Weekly Live Group Coaching class with Q&A session (replay available).
  • Weekly discussion on successes, challenges, and suggestions, goals setting for the upcoming week
  • Weekly Check-Ins via Chat with Dietitian and/or Physiotherapist, exercise therapist and psychologist
  • Weekly Nutrition Modules & Homework
  • Nutrition & health resources, recommendations & hand-outs
  • Daily support & community through a private group message
  • Option to work 1:1 with your personal dietitian

  • Time Commitment: 12 weeks

    Investment: GHC 190.00 (GHC 70 monthly)

    Starting May 19th 2024, Virtually

Range of vital topics to be covered

  • Basic nutrition concepts
  • Enjoying movement and physical activity
  • Sleep, stress, self-talk, and resiliency
  • Goal-setting, tracking your progress, staying on track and sustaining your gains
  • Lossing weight your way and the sustainable way
  • Eating out and celebrations
  • Mindful and emotional eating
  • Meal planning, portion control and grocery shopping
  • Making and breaking habits, harmful food rules


You are capable of AMAZING things, make yourself a priority. Join us to change, see real results, and become a new you!


You are capable of AMAZING things, make yourself a priority. Join us to see real results, transform the way they look and feel inside-out and become a new you!

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