Employee wellness is an important component of any business. It has been proven that healthy employees are more productive at work, have greater job satisfaction and have less sick days off. We can work with businesses of all sizes to implement customized workplace wellness programs that meet the needs of your team.

We offer the corporate wellness services listed below. One company may select all of these services in order to implement a comprehensive employee wellness program; others may select one or more, depending on their budget and employee needs. .

We also combine regularly with experienced exercise physiotherapist and trainers if you are interested in a combined health and fitness program.
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Why Invest In Health?

Majority of an employee's time is spent at the workplace. The busy and fast paced lifestyle does not always permit healthy eating and regular exercise. Poor nutrition, sedentary habits and stress can have a significant negative impact on the health, wellness and performance of employees. Investing in workforce health and well-being is valuable as robust research has shown that ill health & poor nutrition reduces productivity (8%), increases absenteeism (15%) and presenteeism (60%) within the workplace. According to the CDC, chronic diseases account for 75 percent of total healthcare costs and these are the most preventable type of disease.

An investment in the health of your employees is money well spent and a good nutrition wellness program from Eathealth Nutrition can result in:
Improved workplace morale || Decreased absenteism and presenteeism || Increased employee loyalty and quality of work || Increased productivity || Greater staff retention || Decrease healthcare compensation & disability costs.

Make the Workplace Healthier and Happier Environment

Take the first step in Creating a healthier workplace

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Your employees are your biggest asset – so make sure they’re in the best health possible!


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Your health is an investment, not an expense.