Sport Nutrition

As an athlete it is important to know that nutrition plays an essential role in performance. What you eat and drink leading up to and on game day can affect your performance, so its important that you get it right. Getting professional sports nutrition advice from a Registered Dietitian can give a boost to your career. Whether you are a sporting teams, fitness enthusiasts training for fun, amateur, recreational or professional athlete we have a customized, sport specific nutrition program to enhance your performance.

Our sports dietitians will help you with:

Private Consultation

Looking to get an edge over the competition? Nutrition might just be that advantage you are looking for. Get expert advice and guidance on how to optimize nutrition for workouts at the gym, fuel a race, or a recreational or competitive sport from a dietitian.

Let’s Get Started! Book appointment with us and we will put together a package that suits you.

Team Seminars/Workshop

Our Sport nutrition seminars provide up-to-date sport nutrition information tailored for specific sporting requirements and are delivered in a friendly and interactive manner. We provide general sports nutrition guidelines and recommendations and serves as a nutrition resource for coaches, teachers, trainers, and parents.

Sports nutrition topics

For a complete breakdown our of Sport Nutrition services please download our brochure or make an enquiry today.


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